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New Portable Fire Pump


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Wick SI 250 Portable Fire Pump

The New Wick® ​Si 250 from Mercedes Textiles Limited

We had the opportunity to use the new Wick® Si 250 pump from Mercedes Textiles Limited. While Mercedes makes several pumps in the high pressure class, this would be considered a crossover pump, serving as a small skid pump for rugged use by professionals or as a stand-alone pump where ease of use a priority.

The first standout is the lightweight portability, at just under 50 pounds. It is ideal for use in sprinkler setups or as an attack fire pump. We do not think there is a lighter pump on the market that delivers this much performance. The carrying handle is well balanced and rubber pads on the frame add stability. In small skid applications, the Wick® Si saves over 20 pounds of weight over its nearest competition.

Equipped with a newly designed Subaru EX21 7HP (200cc) 4-Stroke engine, it features an overhead cam, ball bearings on the crankshaft, revised cooling ducts on the head and crankcase, and an electronic ignition for easy starting, all while meeting the most stringent EPA regulations. A low oil sensor that shuts down the engine if necessary completes the package.

With a two-inch threaded suction and one and a half inch discharge, you know this pump has serious intent if you want to flow some water. It primes very quickly, using a hand primer that connects easily to the discharge.

The pump performance was excellent, still producing 15 GPM, where other pumps had run out of pressure. We reached over 200 psi with the nozzle closed and with this three-stage pump design we had plenty of volume. We managed a little over 70 psi at 60 GPM, making it ideal for the tankers.

The 3.5 quart fuel tank is very accessible, making filling a breeze. Fuel consumption was impressive with the tank lasting nearly two hours, even with the 200cc plus engine! The maintenance-free pump drive belt system, coupled with the easy to maintain engine, makes it a simple affair to look after this unit.

Finally, the engine comes with a five year warranty from Subaru.

Mercedes Textiles Limited

5838 rue Cypihot,
Ville Saint Laurent, Qc,
H4S 1Y5, Canada


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